Travels in Middle-earth CD cover

cover art: John Howe

CD Track List: Travels in Middle-earth

Asni the Harper, harps; with Alistair Fraser, taonga puoro.

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Introduction: water under starlight. Recorded at Putangirua Pinnacles, Wairarapa

  • 2. Evenstar - Howard Shore (2002)

  • From the movie "The Two Towers" by Peter Jackson. Performed on arpa doppia
Remembering Valinor
Echoes of Beleriand
  • 4. Polorum Regina - medieval, Catalonia. from the Llibre Vermell de Montserrat/Ave Nobilis - medieval, Germany, from the Carmina Burana

  • 5. Kalenda Maya - Raimbaut de Vaqueiras (12 th century)

  • Performed on medieval arpa doblada. Background sounds: water under starlight, recorded at Putangirua Pinnacles, Wairarapa
The Shire
  • 6. Menuet 29 - Anonymous (Germany, 1719)

  • 7. Mustjala kõrge - traditional, Estonia/arr. H. Kõrvits (1953)

  • 8. Bourree 11 - Anonymous (Germany, 1719)

  • Performed on arpa doppia

Interlude: bird call and duck concerto, recorded at Mavora Lakes, Fjordland & rain, recorded at Paradise, Glenorchy, Central Otago

  • 9. Viima - traditional, Karelia

  • Performed on arpa doppia

  • 10. Foweles in the frith - medieval, England

  • Performed on medieval arpa doblada and tumutumu (Alistair Fraser)

  • 11. Sõrmõlugu - traditional, Estonia/arr. H. Kõrvits

  • Performed on arpa doppia

  • 12. Lament for Gandalf - Howard Shore (2001)

  • From the movie "The Fellowship of the Ring" by Peter Jackson. Performed on gothic harp with purerehua and porotiti takiwai (Alistair Fraser)

Into Darkness

  • 14. Gollum’s song - Howard Shore (2002)

  • From the movie "The Two Towers" by Peter Jackson. Performed on arpa doppia with computer sampled large gong (courtesy Troy Kelly)

Gondor dances

Interlude: cricket percussion, recorded at Putangirua Pinnacles, Wairarapa

  • 15. Canarios - L. Ruiz de Ribayaz (Spain, 1677) / Yaravi - Traditional, Gambia

  • 16. Zarambeques - L. Ruiz de Ribayaz

  • Performed on arpa doppia


Interlude: bird's morning chorus, recorded at Mt Summer, Central Canterbury

  • 17. Me he manu rere - traditional Maori action song, New Zealand

  • 18. The heart asks pleasure first - Michael Nyman (1993)

  • From the movie "The Piano" by Jane Campion.

  • Performed on arpa doppia

Songs from the Lonely Mountain

Interlude: The Great River, recorded at Mt Pott's station, Central Canterbury & birdsong, recorded at Maruia flats, Lewis Pass.

  • 19. Dwarven Blues - Asni (2007)

The Field of Cormallen

Interlude: Spring in Ithilien - same as track 19, plus tui bird, recorded at Mavora Lakes, and bird's morning chorus, recorded at Mt Summer.

  • 21. The rocky road to Dublin / The green groves of Erin - traditional, Ireland

  • 22. The frost is all over - traditional, Ireland

  • Performed on arpa doppia

The Grey Havens

Interlude: waves lapping on shore, recorded at Mavora Lakes, Fjordland.

  • 24. The Bells - William Byrd (England, c.1600)

  • Performed on arpa doppia

  • 25. Into the West - Howard Shore/Fran Walsh/Annie Lennox (2003)

  • From the movie "The Return of the King" by Peter Jackson. Performed on arpa doppia

Coda: sea waves and gulls, recorded at Seatoun, Wellington; Orongorongo Beach, Wainuiomata, and near Putangirua Pinnacles, Wairarapa