Sheet music editions

Diego Fernández de Huete: Baroque Dances Volume I
from the Compendio numeroso de cifra para harpa, vol. I, Toledo 1702. Harp & Hobbit Press, Wellington (2010)
Diego Fernández de Huete: Pasacalles
from the Compendio numeroso de cifra para harpa, vol. II, Toledo 1704. Harp & Hobbit Press, Wellington (2006)
Lucas Ruiz de Ribayaz: Luz y Norte Musical
Transcription of the harp tablatures (published Madrid, 1677) with an introduction by Asni (revised edition). Harp & Hobbit Press, Wellington (2005) First published: Huntingdon: King's Music (1991)
Baroque Delights
A collection of easy to medium difficulty baroque music for the harp. Includes a set of transcriptions from Musicalische Rüstkammer auf der Harffe, anonymous manuscript, Leipzig 1719. Harp & Hobbit Press, Wellington (2004)
Medieval Tunebook
A collection of easy-to-play medieval music. Harp & Hobbit Press, Wellington (2003)

Academic publications

"Continuospiel in Spanien im frühen 18. Jh."
in: Concerto 161/162 (March/April 2001), p. 25-27/p.21-25
"De harp als continuo-instrument in Spanje in de vroege 18de eeuw - Het Compendio numeroso van Diego Fernández de Huete (1702/1704)"
in: Musica Antiqua (Belgium) 16,2 (May 1999), p.80-87
"Spanischer" und "italienischer" Stil in der Continuopraxis Spaniens am Beginn des 18. Jahrhunderts
Eine vergleichende Quellenstudie anhand der Reglas generales de acompañar von José de Torres y Martínez Bravo (1702 und 1736) und der Continuo-Anweisungen im zweiten Band des Compendio numeroso von Diego Fernández de Huete (1704). MA thesis, Rijksuniversiteit Utrecht (1997)

Other publications (selection)

The Big Idea: "Review: Wellington Film Festival", 7 August 2008
"Alban Gerhardt performs with the NZSO - a personal review", 31 July 2008
"Commercializing Ideas - X|Media|Lab in Wellington", 4 June 2008
ZDF – aspekte online: Film review "The Two Towers" (2002)
"Kreuzzug und Jihad" - online article accompanying the TV spot listed below. This article made it onto the reading list for a seminar on media ethics at Universität Siegen: Medien-Ethik Seminar, WS 2001/2002, Diplomstudiengang Medien-Planung, -Entwicklung und -Beratung, Thema: 11. September 2001; Dozent: Dr. Leschke
CD reviews: "Björk: Vespertine"; "Susheela Raman: Salt Rain" (2001); e. a.
Articles written for ZDF-aspecte online are not available online any more at this time
... and, of course, most everything you can read on this website.
Blogs, newsletters and online forums
Asni: Multimedia Art & Design newsletter - monthly newsletter about my illustration, photography and music, fantasy book, film and art reviews, various topics of personal interest, and daily life in the Wairarapa
Snake Oil Antidote: Web design demystified - blog about web design and online promotion - regular contributor on John Howe's online forum. Usernames: frodolives (deceased) / TheFool (active). I have participated in this forum, with interruptions, since 2004, and my contributions now amount to a substantial body of observations and short essays on various topics, hence the listing. :)
Bayerischer Rundfunk, Radio 2: "KlangArt" - Douglas Lilburn and New Zealand Music, 1 hour feature, 08/09/2003
Bayerischer Rundfunk, Radio 4: "Musik Aktuell", 16/07/1999: World premiere, opera "Trädgården" by Jonas Forsell, Drottningholm, Sweden
"Musik Aktuell". 27/05/1999: report, "Tage Alter Musik Regensburg" (early music festival)
Introductions for concert broadcasts, "Piffaro & Concord-Ensemble" and "Tapestry" at Tage Alter Musik Regensburg 1999, 06/07/1999 and 15/09/1999
Essay, G.F. Handel: "Rinaldo", live broadcast from Prinzregententheater, Munich (break), 13/7/2000
Introductions for operas and early music programmes, other contributions
ZDF – aspekte, 21.9.2001 (co-author): "Kreuzzug und Jihad" (Crusade and Jihad).
ZDF – aspekte live: Special about the World Trade Center terrorist attacs, 14.9.2001 (participation)
Priority magazine, Jakarta (Indonesia): article about film locations in New Zealand (photo), July 2009
Helsingin Sanomat, Helsinki (Finland): Hobittien koti on tosi energiatehokas (photo), 21/01/2007
The Valley Chronicle, Paonia, Colorado (U.S.A.): Photo essay "Streets of Berlin", 11/2002; Essay "A letter from Bavaria", 07/2002
"Der Tagesspiegel" Berlin, 27. July 1999; "Concerto", October 1999: Review of world premiere, opera "Trädgården" by Jonas Forsell, Drottningholm, Sweden
Program notes, recital Hopkinson Smith,14. Internat. Festtage für Alte Musik Stuttgart 2001

Publications about me

Rebecca Gray: "The First Door that Opened"
Experiences of migrants in Wellington's volunteer sector. Published by Volunteer Wellington. I was one of four contributors interviewed for this small book.