Travels in Middle-earth

Review by Chris Seeman on The Tolkien Music List

Now that the Peter Jackson film craze (and the deluge of music triggered by it) has subsided somewhat, more thoughtful and sustained interpretations of Tolkien's world are beginning to emerge." … Read more

700 Years of Pop

Newsletter by artist John Howe, 15 January 2006 - (review no longer available):

" … A few weeks ago, I received a CD. "700 Years of Pop", by Asni, or Astrid Nielsch. It’s been in the player since I put it in 2 weeks ago, and has to be the most wonderful music for drawing that I’ve heard in ages." … Read more

Rent a Nightingale

"Recorder and harp offer an appealing combination of sounds, that unfortunately is all too rare ... the harp produces a differentiated and colourful spectrum of sounds with a depth that surrounds the listener like a soft flowing fabric...) " … Read more

Performance reviews

" … Of course this requires a musician like Astrid Nielsch, who is able to sing out each part individually, up into the (almost) inaudible, in complex polyphony like, for instance, a Chaconne by Handel. The specialist on historical harps, and graduated musicologist, also showed a light touch in her moderation. Competent, but without a scholarly attitude, shetook her public on a stroll through a few centuries of music history, and evidently enjoyed both the music making and her discoveries." … Read more