What people have said about "Pourquoy doux rossignol"

Rent a Nightingale: Pourquoy, doux rossignol CD review (source??)

"Recorder and harp offer an appealing combination of sounds, that unfortunately is all too rare ... the harp produces a differentiated and colourful spectrum of sounds with a depth that surrounds the listener like a soft flowing fabric... the duo combines thorough knowledge of the style with playful relish and experimentation ...Gaby Bultman gives her interpretations warmth and an almost naive conviction - things that fit with the origins of the recorder as a simple folk instrument, but are not contradicting her virtuosity and refinement. "

Michael Beughold, Neue Westfälische, 27 January 1998

"The English section put the harp into the spotlight: Audibly attuned to the pub, when it provides the ground to ostinato variations on Scottish mentality, in a piece by Nicola Mattei. And full of wondrous tonal richness in Henry Purcell's chaconne in F major, and the following "Evening hymn". "Most beautiful, equal musicianship was established in the Italian section… but how much more tenderly, amorous and playful does the French nightingale sound! At least in the Air en Chaconne by Bousset/Hotteterre, which crowned the truly bucolic dance scenario of harping grace and recorder delicatesse, proided by the two musicians. Enthusiastic applause and an encore were matters of course."