Asni the Harper portrait photo

Not your average harper, Asni belongs to a new generation of harpists who have been pushing the limits of the instrument well beyond the usual repertory of Celtic folk tunes and classical easy listening.

Her international standing as an innovative and exciting performer, and an authority on early harp performance, was confirmed when she was invited to appear at the World Harp Congress in Dublin in 2005, and the following year, performed and taught at the Edinburgh International Harp Festival 2006 – two of the most prestigious international events in the world of harping. She is featured in the BBC World Service's documentary "Destination Music – Scotland", which covers contemporary trends in the ancient harp tradition.

Since 2003, Asni has lived in Wellington, NZ, where she has been teaching historical harps at Victoria University Wellington. Her most recent CD Travels in Middle-earth was released in 2007, after the programme was road tested on Asni's recent European tour, which took her to Scotland, Germany, Sweden and the Czech Republic.

Asni specializes in playing authentic reconstructions of medieval and baroque harps, but her repertory is not restricted to music of those periods: She has adapted contemporary pop and film tunes, including Beatles songs and themes from the "Lord of the Rings" soundtrack, improvises fluently, and writes her own compositions … read more