Asni the Harper portrait photo

Asni the Harper performs and improvises on medieval, renaissance and baroque harps. Her performing career has taken her all across Europe and the US, New Zealand and Australia.

Asni is available for recordings and session work. She is a versatile improviser, and has a home recording studio available to write and mix her own tracks. She is particularly interested in movie, video and game soundtrack work.

She would be happy to advise you on appropriate music selection for your period or fantasy movie, and is available for soundtrack commissions.

Enquire about recording or soundtracks


Asni is a highly skilled and qualified music professional with a well established international reputation in her field. As such, she will expect professional remuneration for any music and performance related projects.

Hourly rates range from NZ $ 150 for session performance, plus travel expenses and accomodation where applicable. Soundtrack commissions: as per negotiation.

Asni is quite famous enough, thank you very much, and does not require any further "exposure" — unless you can offer her a spot on the soundtrack for "The Hobbit" (and then you can probably pay). She is not a charity, either.

Please do not waste your or her time with an enquiry, if you are not able or prepared to offer adequate professional remuneration for her work.